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Welcome, I am an expert in SEO and I am going to help you bring a ton of new clients to your business if you choose me as your search engine optimization expert. I’ve been in this business for a LONG time and I know exactly what I’m doing, unlike many of the inexperienced companies that currently offer SEO services with extreme seox.

You may think that I sound a little bit cocky when I say that I know EXACTLY what I’m doing. There is a reason for that. I didn’t just wake up and decide one day that I was going to take the search marketing world by storm, and put a shingle up to announce my presence on the scene.
Not at all. I had to learn this field – just like you had to learn whatever it is that YOU do. I learned, and applied, testing and documenting everything I did, along with the results, for a long time before I began working with clients. I don’t “experiment” with clients’ hard earned money. I use proven results.

That’s not to say that I don’t adjust and update methods and tactics along the way. I certainly do, and it’s necessary to do so since the internet landscape is most certainly not a static one.

With the internet changing so quickly, it’s important that you hand off your online marketing to someone that knows what they are doing or your just going to end up hurting your web properties over time, which will in turn hurt your business.


As I just mentioned, I have been doing this for many years and have worked with multi million dollar business to help increase their business through search engine optimization.

Not only have I worked with multi million dollar businesses…but I’ve even been hired by SEO companies directly to do their work for them when they’re unable to complete the tasks for their own clients.

It’s pretty surprising to me how little some of these large companies know. They are not even good at SEO, they are usually just good at marketing and client interaction (so they can get you on board, but not get you results).

I’m not saying that to insult anyone. They may be really good at something like website design or coding, for example, but of course that’s only one small aspect of any online campaign. They may sincerely think that they are doing all they need to do, not fully understanding other aspects of this industry.

One particular company that hired me had said that they had “already optimized” the client’s website by placing the customer’s desired keywords into the site’s metadata, and that they had made sure that those keywords were correctly placed into the text, or content, throughout the various pages and posts.

I asked, “Okay, what else did you do?” They were puzzled, as though they didn’t quite understand my question. I asked, “Did you use just those keywords? Or did you intersperse LSI terms or synonyms? Did you use related words and incorporate them naturally into the <H1>, <H2>, <H3> etc tags? Did you interlink naturally between related pages? Did you get them accounts on Yelp and Trip Advisor? How about their Social Media presence?”

I asked them a lot about things like that – much of which you’ll be introduced to elsewhere here on this site. They told me that they really didn’t go that far with the customer because they weren’t 100% sure how to do that.

So, that’s a little bit about what I mean when I tell you that the larger firms aren’t always completely up to speed about additional best practices when it comes to helping the customer with their search marketing. As far as they were concerned, their next step was going to simply be to get them some Pay Per Click ads going and hope for the best. Which, of course, would be creating more expenses for the client that might or might not be helpful.

And, speaking of money, that brings up the topic of pricing.


This is always one of the most common questions that comes along with any type of service. I offer a wide range of options, so it really depends what you are looking for. I would never just throw out a number without consulting with you about your specific requirements. What are your goals to begin with? Are you looking for just an upgraded site that looks awesome on a mobile device? (Which, by the way, you definitely SHOUL D be looking for, since it’s critical these days to have your site not only look good on a smart phone or phablet, but also function correctly so that your visitors have a great user experience.) So, creating your site to work well on mobile devices will cost a certain amount of money.

Or, perhaps you want someone to start and manage a social media campaign. While not every business needs one, many do. For example, if you’re a corner deli and want to bring in more lunchtime business, it might be a great idea to have a Facebook page where you post weekly coupons for lunchtime specials. I can definitely set that up for you, and either help you manage it on an ongoing basis, or teach you or one of your staff members to maintain it so that you don’t have to keep paying me.

What if you have an e-commerce business? It may well be that you aren’t getting as many online sales as you feel you should. You may have all the right products, at the right, competitive price. But for some reason you don’t have the business you feel you should. I have a package deal where I can first conduct the analysis of where your business is appearing in the results on the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), and for what terms.

For example, you may feel that when people are looking for a “blue automatic zippity do dah widget,” that your site should be one of the first places people see. But, for some reason, you are nowhere to be found. This is frustrating to you, and you want me to help. My analysis will help uncover where your site is falling short, and why. There are strategies to put into place at that point that can help. But first we diagnose the issues, and then we fix them. That may be the only thing you want me to do, and that’s fine.

One of my recent clients wanted to dominate the first page, so I did just that for him. Check out this image that illustrates what I mean. Then, continue below the picture for more information:


As you can see this client owns the top 5 spots for his main keyword, and this is not uncommon for me to do, it just depends what you’re looking for.

And yes, as I mentioned earlier, there is far more to what I can do going forward. We can talk about your company’s specific needs when we speak. Not only can I work on getting your website(s) into a better position in the search results, but I also can create and optimize YouTube videos that will add tons of value to your potential customers, create and manage those Facebook pages that I mentioned above, get you a Twitter account up and running, Pinterest and Instagram if those are appropriate to your business, and a lot more.

Not only that, but I also also web design, reputation management, social media management, PPC, SEO analysis reports for existing websites, and any other form of traffic generation that you desire.

What’s Next? Contact Us

The next step is to reach out and either e-mail or call me for Nashville SEO services (or anywhere in the world). It’s important that you get your search engine optimization work done by someone like myself who knows what they’re doing or you’re just going to be spinning your wheels. Don’t let the larger firms suck you in with their marketing skills to leave you with subpar results (if any).

I mention that I can help you no matter where you happen to be located. That’s part of the beauty of this business! We can confer by Skype, private webinars – just like conference calls – and, of course, by phone and e-mail. One of the things my clients love and look forward to most is our monthly update webinars where we share our computer screens with one another. For my local clients, we do arrange to meet in person, although once we have met a few times, they, too are happy to meet online since time is money, and using the online meeting tools can help save all of us both!

And remember, I’m more than happy to work on your EXISTING website – but be aware that I will need to conduct that initial analysis that I mentioned earlier to ensure that there has been no irreparable damage done by any previous work that you may have had done on the site), or I can replace what you have by building you a totally new one, and THEN work on getting you to the top! Again, there are so many strategies that guys like me have in our “toolbelts.”

Let me see how I can help you.

Let me be your “guy” for SEO in Nashville so that you can get your business the exposure that it deserves. I look forward to working with you!